Policies FY2020

General Guidelines:

  • Do not use any instrument without training.
  • All instrument usage should be appropriately recorded.
  • Report instrument problems by contacting WCAC staff.
  • Ask questions if you are unsure or need help.
  • A copy of the WCAC SOP can be found here


User Conduct:

Problems - If you encounter a problem, please email or contact any WCAC staff member. Users are not punished for problems that are reported. Review your data promptly and report any data quality problems as soon as possible. We routinely test the instruments, but you can help us keep them working optimally.

Respect - Be respectful of WCAC equipment, other users, and WCAC staff. The WCAC is a shared resource and your own personal needs do not supersede those of all the others who are also using the instruments.

Dangerous Experiments​ - Consult WCAC staff BEFORE conducting any experiment that poses a risk to personnel or equipment. The WCAC is not configured to accept explosive samples, radioactive materials or biological hazards.  

Working Alone - WCAC is open for use 24 hours/day and 7 days/week. Users performing unfamiliar experiments should do so only when staff are available to assist. Be safe and do not attempt any potentially hazardous procedures or operations while you are alone or without proper safety guards in place .

Proper Use/Function​ - Only use an instrument for its intended purpose. If you would like to attempt a new method, consult with WCAC staff prior to your experiment. You must not try to modify or repair an instrument without WCAC staff knowledge and authorization. Variable Temperature NMR experiments require direct training by WCAC staff.

Internet Access - Use instruments only for the purpose intended. WCAC instruments are not to be used for internet surfing or checking email unless specifically related to the project.

Passwords / Access - Use only instruments for which you are trained and authorized. Do not use another person’s login credentials to operate instruments, whether or not you have been trained to use them. 

Gloves​ - Wear gloves in lab when handling solvents or other open chemicals. Do not wear gloves when traveling from your lab to the WCAC. Do not wear gloves while typing on keyboards or handling common equipment (printers, doorknobs, etc.).


Instrument Reservation Policies:

Most WCAC Instruments are walk up only. The exception to that is the AG 600 MHz NMR Instrument and overnight use on the AG Q-LCMS. Instruments may be reserved at:

Instrument Reservation

NMR spectrometers with automatic sample changers do not need to be reserved online; this usage will be logged automatically. Usage of the GC-MS, Polarimeter, UV-Vis and Plate reader should be logged on the clipboard next to the instrument, if instrument time was not reserved online.

Instrument rates are available online.

Access to WCAC Facilities:

Access to MIC 109 (Mass Spectrometry, NMR instrumentation), can be requested by emailing Mousumi Ghosh or Terence Wu. For access to MIC 113 (Flow Cytometry), please email Mousumi Ghosh.


Data Storage Policies:

Data acquired by analytical instruments are currently stored on the instrument’s hard drive and archived periodically. Users are requested to backup their own data.

Acknowledgement of the West Campus Analytical Core:

If you use WCAC instruments in your research, we request that you acknowledge our facility in your written publications or grant applications as follows:

Acknowledgement: This research made use of the West Campus Analytical Core at Yale University. 

A citation or a copy of the publication should be sent to the WCAC Director for record-keeping purposes. This information is important to help support our mission and to demonstrate the need for the equipment and staff expertise within the WCAC. WCAC Staff recognition on projects requiring a large investment of time, or a significant intellectual contribution by the WCAC will be discussed on an individual basis.