About Us

The West Campus Analytical Core (WCAC) was launched in 2012 to provide the research community at West Campus with a comprehensive analytical instrumentation facility that provides access and training to a broad collection of shared instrumentation.  The mission of the WCAC is to support and accelerate on-going research projects at both West and Main Campus and to provide suitable space for incremental additions of high-value shared instrumentation.

Staff members train new users of instruments within the WCAC in one-on-one sessions. All users are required to demonstrate basic knowledge of instrument operation prior to unsupervised use of the instrument. Instrument usage is scheduled and monitored via a reservation website, time on the instruments is charged, which varies by the type of instrument and experiment.

The main instrumentation lab and staff is located at the West Campus Molecular Innovations Center (600 West Campus Drive) room 109 with instruments also located in MIC room 310, The Advanced Bioscience Center (840 West Campus Drive) and other locations on West Campus.